Faux not Fake feat. Shrimps


I j’adore faux fur right now. It’s warm, it’s cuddly, it’s adorable, and it’s stylish. Real fur is not only blerg, but it’s totally unnecessary when there are so many cute vegan options out there.

Right now Shrimps jackets and accessories (above) are super-huge with fashion-y people. I like that they’re humorous, and they look much, much better when photographed on real people, I promise. If you don’t believe me, check out the press page of the Shrimps website. Mostly I just want to cuddle up in one of these and take a nap, but given the price tag you should probably go out and about instead.

Here we have the Joseph Coat, the Ivana Scarf, the Pablo Bag Clutch (x2 actually), the Pluto Collar, the Bailey Cropped Jacket, and the Dulcie Coat. You can buy them here. I particularly want the Joseph Coat, but they’re all cute. This isn’t my favourite colour scheme they’ve done, so I’m hoping next season I’ll love it even more.

While not all of Shrimps’ designs are vegan (some coats have wool, and the Lenny Mascot has a leather strap), most are. Plus, it’s nice to be a little lighthearted. Sometimes winter can be all about black and practicality, and I love that these are just so perfectly insane that they totally make sense. Get in my closet NOW.

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