New Year’s, 2015 Style

2014-12-31 02.21.25 pm

I’m baaack.

After five days in the mountains, I feel ready to tackle 2015. I’m excited, energized, and rested, and I can’t tell you how much I needed all of those things. 2014 has been a year of the highest highs and lowest lows for me, so saying goodbye is bittersweet. Still, what better way to ring in a bright, shiny new year than with some pretty (and preferably sparkly) vegan accessories?

It’s too late to order these for New Year’s Eve, but you could always treat yourself and order them to wear in 2015, right? Right. And if nothing else, feast your eyes on all the amazing vegan options there are now and celebrate. I’m certainly grateful that being vegan no longer means cheap knockoffs and hippie-wear. A big part of this blog is showing that being vegan doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style or flavour in order to live compassionately, and what better time to show that off than New Year’s?

Let’s do this, 2015. Vegan-style.

From top, left to right.

2014-12-31 02.29.44 pm

1. The Florine Silver Sandals from Stella McCartney. You can buy them here. Silver platforms for New Year’s? Um, yes please.

2014-12-31 02.34.55 pm

2. Faux Fur Bonded Throw On Coat from Topshop. You can buy it here. It’s warm, it’s festive, and it’s cute. Win. If you’re going to be standing outside for an hour waiting for a cab at 3 am (and you might be), this bad boy will come in handy.

2014-12-31 02.38.03 pm

3. The SUPERSTELLAHEROES Large Zipped Clutch from Stella McCartney. You can buy it here. I mean, of course I want to feel like a superhero. Duh.

2014-12-31 02.47.19 pm

4. Sparkling Earrings from Vanina’s Cease-Fire collection. You can buy them here. These earrings are not only beautiful, they also have an inspiring meaning. They’re made from matchsticks that don’t have ignition powder, a message of peace in times of intense violence. I think that’s perfect for 2015.

2014-12-31 02.48.04 pm

5. 7 Free nail polish in Abalone from Pacifica Beauty. You can buy it here. I love this colour, and the fact that all of Pacifica’s products are 100% vegan. If you saw my post about the beauty basics I use (here), then you’d know that I’m totally smitten with this brand. Plus, it’s totally affordable. Ethical, beautiful, and functional is my jam.

2014-12-31 02.53.20 pm

6. The Handcuff Bracelet from Cast of Vices. You can buy it here. I’m not saying you should break the law, but a little bit naughty? That I wouldn’t discourage.

2014-12-31 02.54.31 pm

7. Devocean Natural Lipstick in Firebird from Pacifica Beauty. You can buy it here. Red lips are a classic. Put a twist on it with a natural, vegan lipstick with anti-aging benefits. Now pucker up.

2014-12-31 03.00.48 pm

8. The Stella Ankle Boot from Bhava and Vaute Couture. You can buy them here. These boots are a collaboration between two brands I love, so I figured they’d be good and they didn’t disappoint. I like booties because you get all the height without having cold toes, and they still look great with skirts and dresses. You’ll thank me if you live anywhere nearly as cold as I do.

2014-12-31 03.18.34 pm

9. The Art Deco Clutch in Brushed Silver from Jill Milan. You can buy it here. This clutch is crazy gorgeous and I covet it hard. Silver is such a New Year’s classic, but it’ll also go with everything all year long. I really love this brand, too. I have three bags from Jill Milan, and they make me happy every time I use them. Now, all I need is to add a clutch to my collection and I’ll be good to go for every occasion…

2014-12-31 03.20.20 pm

10. The Arden Wohl x CDC Cap Toe Bootie in Red from Cri de Coeur. You can buy them here. A practical bootie in an impractically dramatic shade is perfect for New Year’s Eve.


So, who are you all kissing at midnight?

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