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So, for some reason I like the structure of weekly things. I think maybe my brain is so messy that it enjoys the order, but I thought today I’d try out something new, and see if it sticks: a product of the week. I’m planning on this being products that I actually use and like myself. I’m not incentivized to write about these except by my own experience with them (i.e. no promo bullshit from me). So, here goes nothing.

This week’s product is actually two products. I struggled to find a shampoo and conditioner that were natural, vegan, and worked for my tricky-ass hair. My hair is curly and dry, so too much product or oil and it loses its bounce, and too much detergent and it frizzes right out. It’s attractive. Enter my current shampoo and conditioner: the Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner.

Gentle cleansing power and rich moisturizing power!

Gentle cleansing power and rich moisturizing power!

I tried a lot of unsucessful hair cleansing and moisturizing methods (including no-poo, which doesn’t involve feces, in case you were worried. It did mean the guy at the airport was pretty suspicious of my travel container of white powder, though. “I swear, it’s baking soda!”). Anyway, I’m finally really happy with these two products. According to the website they have no parabens, silicones, phosphates, or any other crap you want to avoid.

They are vegan and cruelty-free (yay!), and they smell kind of like a pina colada. I’m not usually into strong coconut scents, but I’ve gotten used to it and now I feel like I’m taking a Hawaiian vacation in the shower. Also, I find the smell fades, so after my hair is dry I don’t smell it any more. Plus, this is the best my hair has felt, ever.

Another upside of these is that you can buy them at a ton of places, and they’re pretty reasonably priced. I’ve bought them from, from Target, from Superstore, and from a number of smaller organic/natural grocery stores.

So, go forth and moisturize my dry-haired lovelies! For all of you with oily hair, I don’t know what to say. I guess I’ll do more research…


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