The Ultimate Vegan Christmas Wishlist

Let’s imagine for a second, just for fun, that you’re a vegan (check) and you have unlimited funds (sadly, no check, but we’ll pretend). What would you want/buy this holiday season? I’m so glad you asked, because I have the answer right here. Ta da! It’s the ultimate vegan Christmas (or Hanukkah or winter solstice or whatever you celebrate) wishlist:


2014-12-10 09.19.46 pm

Yes, yes, you’re welcome.


From top left to right, in rows, these are:

1. The Reference Necklace by Dirty Librarian Chains. You can buy it here. It’s made by hand in Brooklyn using at least 80% recycled materials. Also, it’s bad-freaking-ass. Want to be the girl at the office Christmas party that every guy secretly wants to bend over his desk and spank? This is the necklace for you.

2. The Lyle Moto jacket. You can buy it here. This is a collaboration between Cornelia Guest (whose bags I also love and own) and Project Gravitas, and I think it’s the best-looking vegan “leather” jacket I’ve seen yet, although the other two in this collab are also pretty great. So, top three at least.

3. The Mara Backpack in Black by Freedom of Animals. You can buy it here. I’m all about backpacks right now, party because I’m not supposed to carry heavy purses until I resolve a hip issue (sad face), but mostly because they’re classic, practical, and cute. Carrying a little backpack makes me feel like Cher from Clueless, which is pretty great. Where’s my Paul Rudd?

4. The Britt Shoes by Stella McCartney. You can buy them here. I know some people have an issue with the way she uses wool and silk in some of her clothing, but her shoes and bags are gorgeous. Seriously, could these shoes be more fabulous? It’s unlikely. I also love feeling tall, and flatforms like this are a great way to do that without ending up with sore feet at the end of the day. At least if you have old-lady feet like me. If not, go to town on your heels every day I guess.

5. The Wasp Clutch by C MPL T UNKN WN. You can buy it here. I love creepy-chic, and this is a perfect example. ‘Nuff said.

6. The Anais Stiletto by Stella McCartney. You can buy them here.┬áThese are classic and sexy, which is exactly what you want around Christmas time. A little family time, and a little faux-fur-rug-in-front-of-a-fireplace time. Also, if you can afford them, I’m sure you’re going to some glamorous holiday parties, and these will go with your LBD perfectly.

7. The Falabella Tassel Small Tote by, you guessed it, Stella McCartney. You can buy it here. I’m sure it’s pretty obvious by now whose designs I would splurge on if I could. This tote is great, though. It’s big enough for boring essentials, but it still has tons of personality. I also think it looks kind of Christmas-y. Maybe it reminds me of tinsel? I don’t know, but I like it a lot.

8. The Art Deco Clutch by Jill Milan. You can buy it here. I’m not big on the whole creepy celebrity obsession thing happening these days, but this clutch is gorg, and if you bought it you’d be in A-list company – Anne Hathaway, Amy Poehler, Isla Fisher, Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington, and Jennifer Lawrence have all carried it on the red carpet. Want to live out all those secret dreams of accepting your Oscar? Carry this bad boy.

9. Agate and Sapphire Earrings by Janis Provisor Jewellery. You can buy them here. I don’t have much to say about these. They’re beautiful, and they cost $11,250 US. So, yeah.

10. The SoMa Punching Bag by Jill Milan. You can buy it here. I have a black version of this, but I really, really covet this gold one. I love things that look relaxed and lived-in, but still fabulous (and vegan, duh). I think this walks that line pretty excellently.


So, who’s with me on that lottery ticket…?

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  1. Justine says

    I want all of these. One of my new years resolutions is to plan and execute the perfect heist. Those chumps (Sorry, Stella, love your work) at Stella McCartney won’t expect it at all!

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