Gratuitous Cuteness: Blue, Charlie, and Phoebe

As you know, we had to say goodbye to our lovely Jack-Jack recently. We’ve all been devastated, because he was fully a member of our family for the last seventeen years. We planned to wait for a while to bring another animal into our family, but somehow three itty bitty bundles of fluff and energy and love found their way here. So, today I’ll formally introduce you all to the youngest members of our clan.

The youngest is Blue. Blue is the teeniest kitten you’ve ever seen. She’s half Persian and half Russian blue, and fully a baller. She’s the bravest little thing you’ve ever seen. She’s not at all afraid of the puppies or anything else.


The only problem we’ve had is that we think her age was misrepresented to us, because we were told that she was eating solid food, but we brought her home and she didn’t eat anything for a day and a half. We were all worried sick about her, so we bought some kitten replacement milk and pulled out one of the unused syringes from giving Jack his medications, and we fed her that way. She immediately chowed down, and has been ever since. We’re still working on getting her to eat on her own, but she’s clearly already grown since we got her. She’s 600 grams, according to the vet. He wanted to wait until she got a little bigger to get her first set of shots, even though according to the info we got she’s actually almost ten weeks old. So, it’s a mystery, but she sure is a sweetie.


Her favourite thing is to nestle up in your neck and go to sleep. She’ll sometimes sleep perched on Justine’s shoulder, which is crazy cute.


Don’t think she’s too soft, though. This one has teeth and she’s not afraid to use them. You don’t want to mess with her. I’ll post more as we get to know her, but already she has a strong personality of her very own.



Next up: Charlie. Charlie is actually Craig’s dog, but he’s from the same litter as Phoebe (my pup) and he’s here as much as Craig is, so I figure he’s family too. Charlie is the sweetest guy ever. He’s all cuddles and energy and loves. He’s a little maniac, but he just adores people and playing and he makes everyone’s heart melt. We call him Dobby sometimes, because his little face looks just like a house elf.


He’s 7.5 pounds now, has the biggest ears ever, and the most piercing green eyes. When Charlie looks at you, he looks into your soul, I’m convinced. It’s eerie and cute at the same time.


He’s also smart. Being half Border Collie and half Chihuahua means that so far, at least, he’s like a tiny, higher-pitched Border Collie. It takes him about two minutes to learn a new command, and just as long to get bored of whatever he’s doing and go off in search of something new to pounce on, chase, or wrestle.


Finally: my Phoebe. She’s also half Border Collie and half Chihuahua (they had a brave momma Chi, that’s for sure), but she’s more laid-back. She’s a little shyer, but also more independent. She’s the princess for sure.


Phoebe’s also wicked smart, and the cutest thing in the world.


Unfortunately, she’s less convinced than Charlie that she should go to the bathroom on the puppy pads. She sleeps through the night, though, totally silent, in her crate.



We’re still getting to know each other, but today she fell asleep on my arm and I almost died from the adorable-ness.


So, there you go. Those are the four-legged members of my little family. We’re pretty freakin’ cute, amiright?


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