Finn and Paix: Phoebe’s Doggy Cousins

So, Morgan came over yesterday evening for a walk in the off-leash park and dinner. And…she brought Phoebe’s doggy cousins, Finn and Blue!


Aren’t they handsome? And so much bigger than Phoebe. It cracked me up to see my little girl prancing around with these two.



All in all it went pretty well – Phoebe was protective of her food and her toys, but Finn and Paix gave her a couple of deep growls to let her know when she was being a pain in the butt, and she backed off. I need to work with her on sharing, but she was great during the walk. I think Finn and Paix mostly ignored her, and she darted around while they walked nicely along in front of us.

It was nice to see Finny again, too. He was still a puppy the last time I saw him. He’s such a big, handsome guy now. I can’t get over how beautiful his eyes are.



He’s a gentle giant, for sure. Both him and Paix make Phoebe seem like a tiny tornado – they’re so still, and so calm. Paix especially is so chill. He’s focused on Morgan, and pretty much nothing else can throw him off.


And after all this big, male dog energy, there was my little Phoebe, fast asleep.


She cracks me up, this one.



Oh, and don’t you dare forget Blue. She was a little unsure of the new dogs at first, but as always she was crazy brave and didn’t let it throw her off for long. She’s a balsy chick.


She makes the most hilarious faces, too. She might be the smallest one in the house, but she has so much personality it’s easy to forget.



And…that’s a wrap. Sorry for the long-ass gap between posts – things have been all crazy here, but it’s slowly settling down and I’ll start getting the backlog of recipes I’ve been creating and photographing up. Get ready for some awesomeness.

Happy Friday night, all. I’ll be here, watching Law and Order SUV while Phoebe and Blue try to tear apart every kleenex they can get into the tiniest shreds of damp paper product you’ve ever seen. It’s funny how the simplest things can make you the happiest.



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