Human Health

Most people are woefully misinformed about the need for, and impact of, animal products on the human body. There are so many myths about protein from meat and eggs, calcium from dairy, and so on. The media and a number of organizations and government bodies perpetrate this. I hope some of the information below will help you understand the truth. And if you’re already vegan for animal rights or environmental reasons, this can just be an extra pat on the back. Good job, you.


1. I think the first thing anyone who wants to know about the health impacts of animal products should do is watch Forks over Knives. This is a fantastic documentary, based on the work of two leading doctors in the field. There are also related Forks over Knives books, and if you want to read a real classic, look up The China Study.

2. If you want something a little easier to access, this video of 101 Reasons to go Vegan is FANTASTIC. There is some overlapping info about how we treat animals, but the way he explains, simply and succinctly, how we digest animal products etc. is the best I’ve found yet. Whoever this guy is, he deserves a shout out.

3. Dr. Joel Fuhrman is another leading doctor in the area of plant-based nutrition. He’s featured in the documentary Vegucated, but he also has books of his own. I’m  not a fan of everything he does, but you can check out his website here. I did really like his books Super Immunity and Eat to Live, which you can buy under the “Products” tab or find at a library etc. I have not read, but have heard good things about, Disease-Proof your Child.

4. So, this book is a little dated now (although they’ve updated and re-printed it), but it’s a classic and it’s fabulous for showing you how to question the information we get from the media as well as government bodies about food. It’s called Diet for a New America, and it’s definitely worth  a read.